Sunday, January 25, 2009

New week new clothes for free!

So Thursday, I particpated in the greatest thing ever! A clothes swap!!!! You bring a bag of your old clothes that doesn't fit or you just don't wear anymore, and bring it to the party to trade. Don't worry about spreading it out around the room you will get attacked when you enter. Come early so you can see the goodes as they arrive! I cleaned out my clothes and found stuff to keep to wear again and also came how with a bag of new stuff. I got great stuff, even Chad thought I came home with better stuff than I took! I was sooo excited I barely ate any of the tacos made, I just ate a small one since I thought I would feel the pain later if I didn't eat.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

So this weekend has been less than fun, but sometimes you just got to get to work and run the errands. Saturday was filled with a major Costco stock-up! My only major issue was I went much, much later than normal so I had to deal with the crowds. I did sleep-in and enjoy a nice breakfast with Chad before he headed out for the boat. My healthy creation from my Costco stock-up is my new tuna salad. A good amount of spinach, the little tomatoes, artichoke hearts, some tuna, parm-regiano cheese and Italian dressing.

Today, I am lucky my pilates instructor wasn't as prepared due to her moving her household this weekend. My hour of pilates only midly killed me, but I will know the true amount of work I did tommorrow based on my soreness. After pilates there was the farmer's market, Safeway, and Walmart. I truely wanted to enjoy the beach this afternoon, but due all the events Waikiki parking was packed! So this afternoon has been filled with catching-up on tv, reading the paper, and checking stuff out online.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Second Blog for the year

Okay, so I guess I am adding #4 to actually update my blog. Since I am writing my second blog, I am doing okay on this one so far, we will just have to wait and see.

Updates on goals:
#1 I added walking at lunch and walked after work 3 days one day it looked like it was going to pour and the other day Chad picked me up so we could go to the mall. On the first day I didn't walk I played with our new Wii fit for 32 piggy bank minutes. The day at mall was 2 hours of walking too.

#2 I guess I am doing okay on.

#3 was accomplished by going to Boots & Kimo, walking around Kailua (which is where I would love to live!) and sunning in Kailua Beach until it rained! I must say after all the fuss about Boots & Kimo we had a bad experience. The crowd was crazy! When they took our order while we were still waiting for a table. I figured we would eating pretty quickly. I think I was unlucky since she yelled my name FIVES TIMES at the cooks and still others go their food before us. I also was not a huge fan of the mac sauce since it was like frosting on my banana pancakes. : ( If I had a super sweet tooth that morning the pancakes would have hit the spot, but I was feeling very guilty eating them since we are trying to eat healthy. I do think the 2 hours of walking around Kailua helped burn those sweet pancakes million callories.

The only bad thing about goal #3 is sometimes you have to suck it up and clean even though its pretty & sunny. Back to more laundry!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Jan 5

January 5, 2009

WooHoo! I actually walked today and feel good! One of my goals for 2009!

My goals for 2009:

1) Exercise by walking home and taking pilates on Sunday. So far I made one day of walking and one day of pilates.

2) Not stress about stupid things that don't matter or things I cannot control.

3) Enjoy living in Hawaii more, by taking time to go to the beach, swimming, hiking and eating the great food.

I think 3 things are enough to work on for the year.