Saturday, April 25, 2009

April Update

So I am definitely a monthly blogger. Let's see for April, Chad fixed my computer (ironically I am on his since I am too lazy to put his away and pull mine out) so I may blog more, definitely more facebooking. Chad joined facebook, even though he swore he would never join. He realized with graduation fast approaching May 16 I might be a great way to keep in touch with friends from school. Two days after Chad joined his mom joined!

I have been walking at lunch and after work for the most part. I have taken a few breaks to have a leisurely lunch with friends and/or due to rain. I am currently on break from Marica's kick your booty Pilate's, but signed up for May the girl does deserve a vacation after all her but kicking. Definitely trying to be a more go with the flow type person or at least not get upset if things do not go perfectly. The last most important thing of enjoying living in HAWAII definitely making strides!

I have been going on the boat more on Sunday afternoons after kick your booty Pilate's! In fact cousin Sara has been join me with her friend Erin, so it may be girls Sunday afternoon snorkel cruise weekends for as long as Chad is boat captain. We did talk if Chad does get an architecture gig he may still maintain working on the boat at least one day a week. It feels like a mini-vacation every time we are on the water. The first Sunday of the month Chris & Brandi joined us on the cruise so it was an awesome girls' afternoon cruise.

The Captain Chad & I

The Girls: Brandi, Chris, Erin, Sara, Me and Martina

Chad finally passed his final/pass fail defense!!!!! WOOHOO! As I am writing this I realized we haven't really celebrated. The poor guy has been working his butt off on Sea Dreams to get it back in the water. Right before his final defense he also found out his is Valedictorian of his class. I always knew I married a smarty pants, but know it just shows the world!

Chad did take one morning off to take me to breakfast (my favorite meal of the day). We walked to Antony's Sandwich shop in Manoa that serves great omelets and sweet bread french toast. It was the place to be Sunday morning, it was a nice cozy place and yummy food. The only weird thing is watching the long line watch you eat while they are starving. I was hoping for a great little breakfast spot within walking distance, we will just have keep trying other places. We do love the Original Pancake House, but its a bit far to walk.

That same day Doug at the last possible second decided to give Chad the WHOLE DAY OFF!!! I thought at first it might be a joke, but loved spending the whole day with my hubby! We took off to Kailua (one of our favorite spots on the island) for paddle boarding! It was a warm day and it was totally awesome to paddle board. Totally fun and a great workout too! Chad thinks I totally crazy that I want to buy a set for us, we will see if I can find a used set and if his schedule frees us more.

I also have been going to the even for 1 hour to enjoy the warmth and sunshine, because some darn cold months. Shopping updates I finally made it Whole Foods, which was awesome. I don't think I will be buying everything there, but it was a fun outing. I also learned that there reusable bags have a lifetime guarantee. I got a free lunch tote, and next time I do need bags I am buying from them. Victoria Secrets is suppose to open in October!!!!
That's all for now, at the rate I am going I should post something after everyone has left for graduation.