Saturday, May 1, 2010

Condo Adventure

I only seem to write in the middle of the night when I cannot sleep, so if its fill in the blank blog you understand.

As of the end of March we are officially home owners. There were many moments when I thought this day would never happen, but it finally did. We purchased a 2 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 parking condo at Crosspoint. For a reference point Crosspoint is near the Ice Palace, around the corner from Aloha Stadium or just past Pearl Harbor. I must say having not to search for your car in the morning and pray that its not towed (our old neighborhood had areas where you could not park during peak drive times) is nice. The second bathroom is truly a blessing with two people trying to get out the door at the same time in the morning. The extra space is just wonderful.

Our first month we have scrapped the popcorn ceiling in the dining room, kitchen and downstairs bedroom. We have new kitchen lights on dimmer since some smart person decided to put popcorn inside the fluorescent light box. The kitchen also has a fan that flips down from a cabinet, as we quickly learned that it is unbearably hot to cook on the stovetop in that space. The downstairs bedroom has a new ceiling fan as the we had the granny fan with white and gold accents, including flowers on each blade. The really, really old stackable washer/dryer bit the dust so we have a nice new full size stackable set. We also have a nice bbq thank you Jasen! The bathrooms have quiet vents so you can actually here yourself think in the morning. We have an temporary inexpensive bookcase in the dining room, its the only thing in the whole dining room at the moment. Its nice from going to an apt that was just too small to a place with tons of extra space.

We have quickly learned that will be busy every weekend for awhile to turn our condo into our home. We have a clock ticking as we have visitors now coming over the summer and we don't want to look like a construction zone. May's project is finishing the ceilings. We need to simultaneously scrap the living room and upstairs bedroom ceiling, add lighting and a new fan (the old lady no longer turns), add insulation to help cool our until and add a solar fan to vent the hot air. A few hot and humid nights have pushed us to get this done before summer. Plus we need the extra space from not having an furniture to temporarily move the living room into the dining room.