Monday, February 1, 2010

This year no resolutions!
Here is what I said last year and what happened.
1) Exercise by walking home and taking pilates on Sunday. So far I made one day of walking and one day of pilates.
Walking home stopped when it just got too darn hot! Plus now I will be driving again, as we are moving. I did however start Pilates again. Its a great way to start a new week! Last year's teacher changed the date and everyone dropped because it didn't work with their schedules.

2) Not stress about stupid things that don't matter or things I cannot control.
Definitely working on this one. I think we are improving, but could more use.

3) Enjoy living in Hawaii more, by taking time to go to the beach, swimming, hiking and eating the great food.
Well, the whole home buying thing has taken almost all over our time the last 5 months. We did go scuba diving last Sunday, which reminded me why I love diving in Hawaii over California. Last night we also saw the Lost premier on Waikiki beach. We are still working on this goal over all, by doing simple things like walking on the beach at Sunset.