Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Wow two posts in month....that new for me. We had a great Memorial Day Weekend! We actually had fun, hung out with friends, got a home project done, went diving and I learned how to sew. That extra day now and then, sure helps to still get stuff done and have fun.

Saturday started off with a beach party in honor of Greg & Erin and soon to be baby boy. Thanks Sarah for a fun day at the beach. We still have a bit of leftovers in the fridge.

Sunday was project day! Chad went to Lowe's and bought lumbar and a new saw to line our attic. Totally Chad's project, thank goodness for a handy husband! We now have a place for our luggage, Christmas stuff and other stuff we don't pull out very often. Some how the extra bedroom doesn't have as much extra space as I had anticipated, but I will figure out something this week. We will have to put some stuff in the attic while we work on the rest of the ceiling.

Chad also taught me how to sew Sunday night. I practiced on an old pillowcase that had a hole. I mostly just jammed the machine, but I got in a few straight lines. I also searched my new favorite craft blogs for project ideas. I found a really cute dress that was above my level for now but lead me to a shirt dress made out a of tank top and old tee shirt (totally my skill level). Tonight after diving a I pulled and old tank and tee shirt, then made my first dress. Not perfect, but not bad. I think I will be practicing on a few more projects like this for awhile.

This morning we went diving on Sea Dreams. We heard the visibility has been unreal, but for today it was only 15 feet. : ( First dive at the mahi was just plain trouble. My mask kept flooding and my weight belt kept turning, so one side of my body was weighted done. By the time I got settled it was time to go back up! Chad had much more trouble. Chad's bc was free flowing, being the boy scout dive master that he is, he totally took care of it. MG-35 was awesome....I cruised with Mash looking for shells and found a few purple pretty ones. I did learn what happens to delicate shells with you inflate your bc. One shell did survive. After diving I made my dress and actually uploaded and emailed some photos.

All in and all a great and productive weekend!