Thursday, August 20, 2009

Champagne Thursday

Champagne Thursday is in honor of the work to be almost to an end. This Champagne Thursday as Chad works on his boat, I am being me cleaning up the apt a bit, laundry, and waiting for girly tv to come on. This week has truly been up and down. The weather is super humid!!!! As we have another storm pass above the islands, thank goodness its not hitting us but boy is it hot! We actually gave in and plugged in the AC!!!! We also bought a new fan and I think the heat go to our brains when reading the measurements, its bit too short to reach over the bed. In honor of getting out of the house and not being the dull married couple ran around in the heat, which was hot we ended up trying a new frozen yogurt place, Menchies. It was very good and refreshing on a hot day. Chad & I give the whole frozen yogurt place thing a year before it busts.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Settling into Domestic Life

I still have to finish writing about Peru, but that blog update is sooo long. So after Chad graduated I thought we would have more time, but it seems like we have been sprinting the last two months. Chad was offered a job to assist teaching a class that was traveling to Peru, right after graduation, so he jumped on the chance. I went the best week for Macchu Picchu and Cusco! It was truly amazing and life changing trip. Once Chad came home he started with DBS Hawaii. Now and then he still also helps out the boat. We have been in super cleaning mode, the LeMars came to visit, started looking for a home and Chad has a "The Ankle Biter" his boat to work on. The best thing his class that he is teaching is almost done, he just has to do is help grade the projects! So hopefully when Chad is down to 1.5 jobs we will actually get to spending with him before we get too super busy again. This past July was our 4th wedding anniversary, I cannot believe how the time has flown by.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Getting Ready for the Big Day

One week to go until the big graduation day. Five years ago this day seem so far away and now its next week. We have a total of 11 family members coming in to support and cheer on Chad. The stress now that we have got the announcements out, for the most part is over. I have cleaned the house top to bought and just have a few errands left. The cheering crowd starts to arrive on Monday and then we get to celebrate for 2 weeks!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Won't take on too much

As Chad and I are both growing crazy and his graduation is in just a few days, I am realizing we both work really hard and do not need to above and beyond everytime. We both have been coming exhausted with more projects to do at home. I haven't cook dinner lately, I did step it up to quesdillas from pb&j. We both need to learn how to say I cannot. I have been practicing this week and said no twice, and do not feel guilty a bit. I think we still have a good amount of work to do, but we cannot keeping at the rate we are going.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

April Update

So I am definitely a monthly blogger. Let's see for April, Chad fixed my computer (ironically I am on his since I am too lazy to put his away and pull mine out) so I may blog more, definitely more facebooking. Chad joined facebook, even though he swore he would never join. He realized with graduation fast approaching May 16 I might be a great way to keep in touch with friends from school. Two days after Chad joined his mom joined!

I have been walking at lunch and after work for the most part. I have taken a few breaks to have a leisurely lunch with friends and/or due to rain. I am currently on break from Marica's kick your booty Pilate's, but signed up for May the girl does deserve a vacation after all her but kicking. Definitely trying to be a more go with the flow type person or at least not get upset if things do not go perfectly. The last most important thing of enjoying living in HAWAII definitely making strides!

I have been going on the boat more on Sunday afternoons after kick your booty Pilate's! In fact cousin Sara has been join me with her friend Erin, so it may be girls Sunday afternoon snorkel cruise weekends for as long as Chad is boat captain. We did talk if Chad does get an architecture gig he may still maintain working on the boat at least one day a week. It feels like a mini-vacation every time we are on the water. The first Sunday of the month Chris & Brandi joined us on the cruise so it was an awesome girls' afternoon cruise.

The Captain Chad & I

The Girls: Brandi, Chris, Erin, Sara, Me and Martina

Chad finally passed his final/pass fail defense!!!!! WOOHOO! As I am writing this I realized we haven't really celebrated. The poor guy has been working his butt off on Sea Dreams to get it back in the water. Right before his final defense he also found out his is Valedictorian of his class. I always knew I married a smarty pants, but know it just shows the world!

Chad did take one morning off to take me to breakfast (my favorite meal of the day). We walked to Antony's Sandwich shop in Manoa that serves great omelets and sweet bread french toast. It was the place to be Sunday morning, it was a nice cozy place and yummy food. The only weird thing is watching the long line watch you eat while they are starving. I was hoping for a great little breakfast spot within walking distance, we will just have keep trying other places. We do love the Original Pancake House, but its a bit far to walk.

That same day Doug at the last possible second decided to give Chad the WHOLE DAY OFF!!! I thought at first it might be a joke, but loved spending the whole day with my hubby! We took off to Kailua (one of our favorite spots on the island) for paddle boarding! It was a warm day and it was totally awesome to paddle board. Totally fun and a great workout too! Chad thinks I totally crazy that I want to buy a set for us, we will see if I can find a used set and if his schedule frees us more.

I also have been going to the even for 1 hour to enjoy the warmth and sunshine, because some darn cold months. Shopping updates I finally made it Whole Foods, which was awesome. I don't think I will be buying everything there, but it was a fun outing. I also learned that there reusable bags have a lifetime guarantee. I got a free lunch tote, and next time I do need bags I am buying from them. Victoria Secrets is suppose to open in October!!!!
That's all for now, at the rate I am going I should post something after everyone has left for graduation.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

March Updates

So I definately think I am once a month blogger! This month has been another blur. The best thing about March is that the school of architecture has stated Chad should graduate in May, so that has been our focus. With Chad's goal to finish we have not gone out much, soon this will all change. Plus the weather has been horrible (I am so tired of the cold rain) and my allergies have been bugging me, so I have pretty much been dead tired. I did make it out to enjoy the beach and the boat once since but that's about it. I have been much more productive at cleaning out the dresser and file drawer. Ironically though those areas are clean some how our apt looks like a tornado dropped shoes, clothes, mail and the newspaper everywhere.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Updates for February

Wow! Okay so I haven't been the best with the whole blog thing in February. I got sick, have a new boss and have just been tired, so I feel like this month has breezed by. Since Chad & I are sooo busy we are trying to take time for each other even just for a little bit. For Valentine's Day Chad made a wonderful spinach quiche and buttermilk pancakes with yummy mimosas. It was so nice to stay in my jammies and enjoy a yummy breakfast with my hubby. In honor of the Academy Awards we had pupus and champange! It was fun to watch the red carpet but not being in the LA metro area we recieve limited show coverage. Date now is back with the start of a yummy Italian dinner at Buca. The next date night is at Target! Only four more days till they open!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Maui fun!

So we truely had an adventure last weekend! We hoped over to Maui since they were having a fabulous air sale, extra day off (love the birthday holiday), good deal on the hotel, Holly was going to be on Maui, and we really, really wanted too! The last reason kinda overruled the rest and any true reason! So we headed out Thursday night so we could wake-up super early. We had a nice surprise of banana bread from the sales team and champagne & strawberries from my great bosses. So Chad keeps asking what am I am going to do if I don't work for a hotel, like that is even a valid statement. I need to work for a hotel for the perks, plus I love my work.

So back to Maui....Chaddy convienced me to wake-up super early on birthday to go diving but it was totally worth it. We went the cathederals off Lanai and swam through the lava tubes which was amazing. The dive master was good at pointing out little creatures. We took a little afternoon break then headed to turtle town and mala. It between dives Wwe saw the whales play in the ocean, which amazing everytime. Mala ended up better than I remembered lots more fish, a good size shark and a few turtles. I actually took my camera to Mala since we didn't go that deep and got a few okay shots.

Saturday we hung out with Holly. We saw the condo she is renovating which I am hoping is done by now. We went to the gazebo for breakfast which was amazing! Then we were off to Lavendar farm which is beautiful (don't let the store person push the scone not that great). Then off to Makaowa and Paia to visit the local shops. Our souveniors are angel holiday ornament out of sugar bush and bamboo rolling pin. We were so tired by the end of the island exploring day we crashed on our lanai with a bottle of wine and the rest of the day's snacks.

Sunday began with a walk around Lahaina and a successful hat shopping excursion for Chad. We snorkeled around black rock which was cool, we saw cuttlefish for the first time! After a long snorkel excursion we chilled by the pool enjoyed my favorite snack mix, drinks and the sun! Once we started to turn pink we finally freshened up for an absolutely delicious dinner at Mama's fish house.

It was the most wonderful birthday weekend!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

New week new clothes for free!

So Thursday, I particpated in the greatest thing ever! A clothes swap!!!! You bring a bag of your old clothes that doesn't fit or you just don't wear anymore, and bring it to the party to trade. Don't worry about spreading it out around the room you will get attacked when you enter. Come early so you can see the goodes as they arrive! I cleaned out my clothes and found stuff to keep to wear again and also came how with a bag of new stuff. I got great stuff, even Chad thought I came home with better stuff than I took! I was sooo excited I barely ate any of the tacos made, I just ate a small one since I thought I would feel the pain later if I didn't eat.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

So this weekend has been less than fun, but sometimes you just got to get to work and run the errands. Saturday was filled with a major Costco stock-up! My only major issue was I went much, much later than normal so I had to deal with the crowds. I did sleep-in and enjoy a nice breakfast with Chad before he headed out for the boat. My healthy creation from my Costco stock-up is my new tuna salad. A good amount of spinach, the little tomatoes, artichoke hearts, some tuna, parm-regiano cheese and Italian dressing.

Today, I am lucky my pilates instructor wasn't as prepared due to her moving her household this weekend. My hour of pilates only midly killed me, but I will know the true amount of work I did tommorrow based on my soreness. After pilates there was the farmer's market, Safeway, and Walmart. I truely wanted to enjoy the beach this afternoon, but due all the events Waikiki parking was packed! So this afternoon has been filled with catching-up on tv, reading the paper, and checking stuff out online.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Second Blog for the year

Okay, so I guess I am adding #4 to actually update my blog. Since I am writing my second blog, I am doing okay on this one so far, we will just have to wait and see.

Updates on goals:
#1 I added walking at lunch and walked after work 3 days one day it looked like it was going to pour and the other day Chad picked me up so we could go to the mall. On the first day I didn't walk I played with our new Wii fit for 32 piggy bank minutes. The day at mall was 2 hours of walking too.

#2 I guess I am doing okay on.

#3 was accomplished by going to Boots & Kimo, walking around Kailua (which is where I would love to live!) and sunning in Kailua Beach until it rained! I must say after all the fuss about Boots & Kimo we had a bad experience. The crowd was crazy! When they took our order while we were still waiting for a table. I figured we would eating pretty quickly. I think I was unlucky since she yelled my name FIVES TIMES at the cooks and still others go their food before us. I also was not a huge fan of the mac sauce since it was like frosting on my banana pancakes. : ( If I had a super sweet tooth that morning the pancakes would have hit the spot, but I was feeling very guilty eating them since we are trying to eat healthy. I do think the 2 hours of walking around Kailua helped burn those sweet pancakes million callories.

The only bad thing about goal #3 is sometimes you have to suck it up and clean even though its pretty & sunny. Back to more laundry!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Jan 5

January 5, 2009

WooHoo! I actually walked today and feel good! One of my goals for 2009!

My goals for 2009:

1) Exercise by walking home and taking pilates on Sunday. So far I made one day of walking and one day of pilates.

2) Not stress about stupid things that don't matter or things I cannot control.

3) Enjoy living in Hawaii more, by taking time to go to the beach, swimming, hiking and eating the great food.

I think 3 things are enough to work on for the year.