Thursday, August 20, 2009

Champagne Thursday

Champagne Thursday is in honor of the work to be almost to an end. This Champagne Thursday as Chad works on his boat, I am being me cleaning up the apt a bit, laundry, and waiting for girly tv to come on. This week has truly been up and down. The weather is super humid!!!! As we have another storm pass above the islands, thank goodness its not hitting us but boy is it hot! We actually gave in and plugged in the AC!!!! We also bought a new fan and I think the heat go to our brains when reading the measurements, its bit too short to reach over the bed. In honor of getting out of the house and not being the dull married couple ran around in the heat, which was hot we ended up trying a new frozen yogurt place, Menchies. It was very good and refreshing on a hot day. Chad & I give the whole frozen yogurt place thing a year before it busts.

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